Day 2: Goals for June

In addition to my day job as a primary school secretary, I also moonlight as a copy-editor. My goals for June are, sadly, work related.

Goal #1: Finish my current editing job by Sunday evening (4 days from now) – I still have half the thesis to go, and it’s written by a student who does not speak English as a first language.

Goal #2: Finish processing of new applications to our school by the end of term (24 June).


4 thoughts on “Day 2: Goals for June

    1. I don’t mind at all. I actually fell into it by accident. My sister was a university lecturer and she asked me to help one of her students with her research as a favour. I discovered a skill, did an online course to hone it, and she put me into contact with one of the post-grad officers at the institution. Eighteen months later, and I’m a working copy-editor


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