Day 3:Three things I don’t want to live without

The only two things I can think of that I wouldn’t be able to live without are air and water – then again, this is true for every human. I don’t think that there are other things we won’t be able to live without because we adapt to changing conditions and circumstances every day. The Almighty has made us resilient like that.

There are a few things that I wouldn’t want to live without, and these are difficult to narrow down to just three. If I really had to choose though…

  1. A sense of humour (laughter may bring on wrinkles, but I don’t mind – it keeps the soul young).
  2. People who care (I am by no means a complete extrovert, but I love having people with good energy around me. A solitary existence would kill me).
  3. A conscience (sometimes I wish I could get away with shit. The times that I do though, remorse and guilt inevitably follow. My conscience has kept me from some really bad situations).

One thought on “Day 3:Three things I don’t want to live without

  1. I’m with you on my laugh lines! And my friends. I don’t know that I would have survived these past few years without loving friends.

    As for my conscience…I’m glad I can trust it. I’ve had a couple of folks accuse me of things and I know I am innocent. My conscience (and The Holy Spirit) keep me honest.

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