Six sounds I love

Again, the list is numbered – but this time, it’s so I actually get to six…
This list does not include only songs (although some do feature). In no particular order…

  1. Tom Hiddleston’s voice: I am quite partial to a deep male voice, but this guy…I fall in love every time I close my eyes and listen to the honeyed velvet of his voice. Since my plan does not allow for the uploading of audio files, here is a link to Tom reading Sonnet 18 for the Love Book app
    Ladies, I suggest that you be sitting/lying down, and refrain from operating any heavy machinery while listening to this (don’t say you weren’t warned).
  2. Love me Harder – Ariana Grande and The Weeknd (not a fan of the female vocalist but I love the song, and its naughty lyrics).
  3. My baby nephew’s laugh – he is eight months old, and for some reason, lets out a whopping belly laugh whenever I do something ridiculous. It is one of the most welcoming sounds to my ears. I also like it when he talks gibberish to himself.
  4. Katy Perry – Spiritual. Makes me think of Dimitri Belikov (yummmm).
  5. Message notifications on my phone – its a signal that someone is thinking of me 🙂
  6. Scarlet Johansson’s voice. I think I’d like to sound like her. I think men around me would die if I sounded like that.

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