The whole nine yards

I don’t remember a time when I had to endure extreme physical difficulty. Perhaps I don’t regard it as such because of my high threshold for physical pain. Maybe I’ve just never been pushed to the extreme. Whatever the reason, I’ve never, physically, had to go the whole nine yards for anything.

Emotionally, this becomes a whole different story.
I have had to go to war with the people I love most in the world, and for a while, I felt like I was losing it. I deal with difficult people on a daily basis, and for the most part I handle myself. I found out the hard way that when it came to family, I couldn’t handle myself as well as I would have liked or expected.

A few years back, a series of little disagreements escalated into an altercation that almost broke my family. To me, it felt like we were shattered beyond repair, and I didn’t know whether we would be able to get through it. I was a complete mess.

I’ve recently come to understand why this was such a difficult process for me (

But I have also realised that I was…no wait, AM, a lot stronger than I gave myself credit for. I went way more than nine yards to get to through that particular episode, and right now, I’m going the whole nine yards to make sure I never end up back there.

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