Day 11 -Sisterly love


I have many sisters – 7 to be exact, 6 older and 1 younger.
I love them all, and have a different relationship with each one. However, I am closest to my youngest sister, because of all the siblings, we were together at home the longest. She knows all my weirdness, sensitivities, quirks, strengths.

My photos today are representations of some of the unique aspects of our relationship…

We are both Hershey’s fans, and this was a gift I got (just for the hell of it) because she and her husband discovered a store that sold it for cheap.
My birthday cake she baked for me last year, decorated with my personal favourites (Peanut M&M’s and Ferrero Rochers)


My sister, Ayesha, and her son, Hamza. She doesn’t mind that I claim to be his second mother. But really, I feel like he is my child too. The picture above this one is of him lying on my bed (he loves my room).
Our job for every Eid – we’re the family biscuit mill.

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