Luck? Or Divine Intervention

A good few years ago, I came home from school and my sister asked me to go somewhere with her that evening. I’m not even sure what errand she needed to run, but since she’d have to do it after dark, she didn’t want to drive alone.

Something prevented me from going with her that evening, and some time after she’d left, we got a phone call to say that she’d been in an accident. Some drunk guys in a minivan drove into her from the passenger’s side. The drunken arseholes turned out to be off-duty police officers.

The next day, I got a look at the car, and the passenger’s side was completely crushed. The side where I would have been sitting, had I been with her.

I might not have been here now, to write this post.

I don’t really believe in luck, but I believe in the Almighty, and I believe He watched over me that day.

2 thoughts on “Luck? Or Divine Intervention

  1. Aka MaKenzye

    God Bless You ! We may not always know the reason behind why things happen or don’t happen. But i’m sure there are hundreds of grateful people who are also glad that you did not get into that car with your sister. And i hope she came out unscathed as well. I hope those police officers were reprimanded for drunk driving and handled accordingly.

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    1. I certainly am grateful for whomever watched over me that night. She wasn’t too badly hurt (some whiplash) but unfortunately those douchebags got off pretty easy


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