Catch 22

Prompt: Write about a time you were in a catch 22. Or write a fictional piece about a catch 22.

Emotional catch 22?

There are varying levels of intimacy that one forms with the different people in one’s life.

Some relationships are comfortably intimate – you can be reasonably assured that neither your best nor your worst self will be exploited or exposed. There is a healthy level of closeness and distance, and a healthy level of respect. Some relationships have low levels of intimacy, and are usually reserved for those to whom you show your ‘polite’ self. They don’t rock your proverbial boat, but they don’t know the real you either.

And then, some relationships are uncomfortably intimate: either your true self in all its reality (good, bad and ugly) leads to conflict; or (even worse) you form a level of comfortable intimacy with an inappropriate person. You know you really shouldn’t, but you can’t seem to help yourself.

So many questions hover around this type of intimacy: how do you remove yourself from it? You know you should, but do you really want to? How is this relationship benefiting you (is it benefiting you at all)? Are the benefits worth the risks? Is this relationship hurting anyone else?

And once you have succeeded in answering these questions truthfully, and the answers are not what you want them to be, will you have the courage to create the necessary amount of distance?

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