Twenty-four carat gold is valuable. Some value riches above all else. Tell us what is valuable to you. What do you treasure? Write about your treasure.

I grew up in a house with seven other siblings. We weren’t spoiled materially, because we were just too many – and yet, we lacked for nothing. There was always food on our table, we always had a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and we were all given the opportunity to get an education.

It took me while to get comfortable with school. I started very young (was the only 5-year old in my Grade 1 class). I was very quiet and a little insecure (for a good few years). Academically, I was a good student, but not the best. I was not always a hard-working student, but I had to work. My mother would have killed me. Failure was not an option, and my success as a student was fueled mostly by a healthy fear of my mother. But I found that as I grew up, so too did my attitude towards school and education.

My job has exposed me to people who live in abject poverty, to people who have an alarming apathy towards getting an education, to children who struggle to or are unable to learn, to families who don’t care and who don’t provide the support these kids need. It gave me much needed perspective on my own life, and made me realise how fortunate I’ve been in the family God has blessed me with, and the opportunities He has provided for me.

I work two (legal) jobs. With every year that has passed, I’ve picked up and used a new professional skill (which has armed me with quite a unique skill set). I am not wealthy, nor am I destitute. I have no debt and I have more than enough to enjoy my life and still give to those who need.

I have many treasures. But my greatest treasures are my family and my ability to learn.

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