Keep it Simple

My morning did not start off well today.

The past few days have been hard, and I haven’t had a such a difficult few days in a while (and I hope that I don’t have any more any time soon). But difficult days are the ones that reveal one’s truths…it is on such days that you discover (or rediscover) and affirm things about yourself.

Yesterday was just the climax of a really shitty week, but as today progressed, random little things acted as a balm over my raw emotions – an appreciative hug from a colleague, the knowledge that I’ve managed to make someone smile (or laugh), a productive working day (despite the fact that I was late), starchy comfort food, a naughty laugh with a friend and a sweet surprise from another.

By the time I got home I was calmer, and I tried to focus on those things that got me to a more tranquil head space. In doing so, I realised that the past two days have been an affirmation of something in me that most people choose not to see, and that I, myself, may have forgotten:

I am a simple person. And it is the simple things in life that make me happy.

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