Rolling with it

A very good friend requested that I document my journey, so Caron, this for you.

It’s the first day of my international holiday with my sister. And I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it got off to an interesting start.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling excited, albeit a little apprehensive. You’re probably asking yourself why the heck I would have anxiety before setting off on a holiday. Well, I lead a pretty sheltered life. And although I am 5 months shy of my 35th birthday, this is the first international trip without either or both of my parents. In a way, it is another snip to the proverbial umbilical cord and proof that they trust me on my own. It’s a big deal for my folks and I.

Before I left home, my mom made my favourite meal, which I got to have with my best friend (I should mention here, that it was an unexpected surprise having her drive me to the airport. This trip is one I would have loved to take with her. Goodness knows how much we’ve been talking about it for the last few years. But, like I said Aneesa, I’m going to prep London for your arrival). After checking in, and a sweet moment with said best friend, father, brother and sister-in-law, and nephew, we were ready to go. 

Everything went smoothly…until we got on the plane. A 10-minute check turned into a three hour delay, which resulted in us missing our connecting flight to London and a 24-hour layover.

At present, instead of driving in the streets of London, I am having breakfast in the restaurant of the Blue Sky Hotel in Addis Ababa (fun fact: Rice is an integral part of Ethiopian cuisine. People have rice at EVERY meal time, even for breakfast).

I am a firm believer that things happen exactly as they should, in its time. If this had happened to me a few years ago, I would have completely freaked out. But, I’m safe, and I’m not alone. I spent the extra time befriending people I would not ordinarily socialise with, bonding with a sibling I did not grow up with, and squeezed in time to write. I also get to see Ethiopia in the day time, which I would not have gotten to do if things had gone to plan.

I am determined to embrace every experience. And I believe I will be a better person for it.

2 thoughts on “Rolling with it

  1. I admire your easy acceptance of the road you are traveling. I will try to be so myself as well. I am the type of traveler who freaks out if all doesn’t go according to plan. Your way seems much more in keeping with the purpose of travel which is to discover.

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    1. I’m not going to lie, I prefer when things go to plan. But aside from the inconvenience, and one less day in UK, there have been many amazing little moments in the last 24 hours


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