London, Days 1-2

So, we made it, to merry old London.

It would be remiss of me not to mention how great our hosts have been. Although they are still grieving for the loss of their father, our great-uncle (who passed away just 7 weeks ago), we have been received so warmly and spoiled so much. I’m glad that we started our stay with a visit to his resting place, and duahs for him.

After settling in at home (I can’t believe how quickly I’ve come to regard my aunt’s house as home) we took a drive to Tooting…or, as I’ve renamed it, Little Asia. 

Walking through the markets and down the main roads, it’s very easy to mistake Tooting for India, Saudi or Turkey (in fact, you’ll hear every second person speaking Urdu). The vibe is very relaxed, catering for families and youngsters alike. But, I’m too scared to go back to Tooting because…

…there is an obscene amount of cake and sweet shops, and if I go back, they may have to sail my ass back to RSA.

Our uncle took us for a drive through central London, giving us a glimpse of some of its most famous landmarks: Big Ben, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, Westminster Abbey, the MI6 building, but to name a few. Although my first time here, London feels familiar. I don’t know whether it is from seeing it in movies or because so much of the architecture and structures remind me of home.

Today, we started the day with a stop over at 221b Baker Street (which was so awesome, it needs, and will get, its own post). Regent’s Park puts all of Cape Town’s botanical gardens to shame.

So too do their museums. Most of them are free, and are incredibly well maintained. Best way to give history lessons.

Exhibits at The Science Museum

We met a young English gentleman on our adventure in Ethiopia. He, like us, was on his way to the UK and, being a native Londoner, had many great things to say about his city.

We’ve been here for a day and a half only, and it is exactly as he described it – busy, vibrant, alive. As congested as this city is, every one has their place and purpose, and life goes on as pleasantly as as efficiently as possible. I’m quite happy to be that over- the-top tourist.

I am completely overwhelmed by how much there is to see and do, and at the same time, excited about what adventures tomorrow will bring.

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