London – Day 3

I feel like I experienced London at its truest today. Congested and rainy.

But it was cool. Our first stop was at Hyde Park, which (again) puts our botanical gardens to shame. It’s a beautiful park, with a Serpentine lake running through it.

This beautiful setting is an ideal place for families and friends to bond, or for some quality time alone with yourself. I could see myself lounging on one of those deck chairs with a book and a cold beverage, or paddling on the lake with my nieces, feeding the swans and ducks with my small nephew or riding a bike down the walkway with my best friend. The intermittent showers did not detract from people enjoying their time in Hyde Park, but cut our visit short.

My uncle dropped us at Victoria Station, where we were to catch the Underground to Covent Garden. Before that though, my aunt treated us to tea at Peggy Porschen. One thing I love about London is the portion sizes here. It’s just enough to satisfy your hunger/craving. I am completely in love with this quaint little cafe, and had an intimate moment with a coffee and the most delicious salted caramel Vanilla cupcake.

Covent Garden is something else. By the time we got there, the rain was pretty insistent, but that didn’t stop people from coming (it was packed!) or from having a good time. Craft markets, interactive street shows, music, food – the fun was freely flowing. People are so busy here during the week, everyone always rushing off somewhere. Today, first day of the weekend, they really let their hair down, and took the time to really socialise with one another.

We ended off the day with supper at my uncle’s house, and a two-hour stroll down memory lane over dessert. Every experience, every conversation so far has led to a stroll down this road, eliciting laughs and warm feelings…and discovering new things about each other.

Today was amazing. Towards the end, I was navigating the tube and trains as if I’ve lived here my whole life. Only 3 days, and it already feels like home.

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