London – Day 6

Momeena and I did the touristy thing on Tuesday morning.

We started off with Madame Tussauds. For anyone planning to visit London and this particular attraction, here are some practical things to note: 

  • the Tube is the best way to reach it (Baker Street Station is where you get off, and voila, there you are – a Tube map is your best friend here. They are freely available at the stations)
  • try and be there 30 minutes before opening – the queues are ridiculous if you go late
  • £29 gets you inside, but you can purchase a multiple-attraction ticket (money saving tips), which combines your Madame Tussauds visit with up to three other attractions. We combined ours with a ride on the London Eye.

  • The actual tour through the museum takes a minimum of 90 minutes. We spent about 2 hours and 20 minutes inside. There are interactive experiences to be had (some of which are really cool) and people are taking pics all the time, so to go early is best.

Once we got inside, oh man… I felt like a kid in an amusement park. In the age of the selfie, it’s the closest you might ever get to one with a celebrity. Best moment of my day…

-sigh- Tom, we look so good together.

Second stop for the day was the London Eye. I was a little anxious about this particular experience, with my fear of heights and electrical malfunction. It moves really slowly (the ride takes 30 minutes) and provides a breathtaking aerial view of London and the Thames…but I’m not going to lie, I was having a mini freak-out when we reached the top of the eye.

The London Eye is located at the Jubilee gardens. As built up as London is, it has the most beautiful parks and gardens I have ever seen. After our Ferris wheel ride, we sat on the boardwalk for a bit, and watched the activities around us – live singers, character mimes, etc.

With the sun shining after two days of rain, we made our way home. Dinner at home and a sunset drive through Croyden was the perfect, chilled end to a fantastic day.

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