Day 8: The people who make your life better

I’m a firm believer in letting people know that they are important to you. Everyone you choose to have in your life at any given moment is there because they do make it better…but some are just extraordinary, in their ability to recognise and give you what you need, without you having to say anything.

There are many people who make my life infinitely better…but today I would like to acknowledge a specific person.

I became acquainted with a lovely lady a few years ago, when she enrolled her daughter at our school. We always had a cordial relationship, and somehow, without either of us really noticing, it blossomed into a friendship. She is literally the personification of sunshine…no matter what is going on in her own life or in mine, she is the same with me always – warm, optimistic and smiling, always ready to help, always ready to celebrate any sort of good news or achievement.

But what I love most about her is that she sees my heart through my tough exterior, and is the most forgiving of all my short-comings. It is a courtesy that most people do not afford me, and whenever we talk or spend time together, I feel really good about myself.

Mariam and Ruwayda

Waydie, I don’t think you fully realise how beneficial you are and have been to my emotional well-being. There must be a reason why your name popped into my mind first the instant I saw today’s writing prompt. I don’t always feel like I have people in my corner, but I never have doubts that you are…

A “thank you” doesn’t begin to cover my appreciation. But for as long as I am in your life, I will try to support you, as you support me.

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