Unattached heart

My unattached heart is not made of air,
When you touch it, handle with the greatest of care,
It’s not for sale, available only for exchange,
So leave it alone if you’re unable to share.

Pay me no compliment, no matter how sincere,
Your syrupy words don’t fall on deaf ears.
Don’t hold my hands, stroke my shoulders or thread your fingers through my hair,
Your ‘innocent’ grazes might make sense disappear.

Don’t hold me too tight (don’t hold me at all!)
The tighter you grip, the harder I’ll fall,
And as long as your hands are full of another,
You won’t be able to catch me at all.

My unattached heart is not a toy,
As fragile as it is fleshy…
If you cannot give yours in exchange for mine, then set it back down gently.

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