Highlight of my day

Twenty four hours contain many moments, some bad, some good, some okay,
And every day these moments vie for the top spot of my day…

Few things beat that first sip of coffee that seems to touch my soul,
But the touch of your hands is the only thing that somehow makes me feel whole.

Some days a giggle with a friend trumps the meeting of a deadline,
And other days they both are trumped by the laugh or smile of a child.

Sometimes the scent of your hoodie outdoes the smell of my shampoo,
Puffy, salty, popcorn lips are always second to kiss-swollen lips from you.

The hot spray of the shower, or soaking my tired feet,
Will never compare to the warmth of your arms or the feel of your heartbeat.

Whether moments make me happy or sad, one thing I can definitely say…
Coming home to you is the highlight of every day.

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