Dear Person

Dear Person, if only you knew,
The secrets hidden in the words I spew,
The truth hidden in the things I say,
in the things I do for you on any day.

Dear Person, when needed, I’ll be your reality check,
Your jaws of life in any wreck,
A vault for things you want to safeguard,
A support for all the dreams you star.

Dear Person, I am your fiercest champion,
Your cheerleader through every season,
To celebrate every win, no matter how small,
And help you up every time you fall.

Dear Person, Whether you need a hand, shoulder, hug or ear,
Like the air in your lungs, I’ll always be here.
I may not be your better half,
But my happiness is tied to your smile and laugh.

Though I can’t call you mine,
I want you to know…
Dear Person, I’m yours,
and I’ll never let go.

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