Challenges Part 5: Crossfit

I’ve been following this box on Instagram for a couple of months, and a few weeks ago they ran a competition. The winner would get a 2 week membership to train with them, and to enter, you had to comment on the competition post. A few days later, in the middle of the first day of the school term in the middle of my office after having been on my feet for almost 5 hours dealing with parents, my phone pings with this message in my DMs…

My 39th year of life did not get off to the greatest start. So when this happened, I was scared to celebrate or to be too excited. Can you imagine…the first time you ever win a prize, and it’s something you really want…but because you so rarely get what you want, your brain tells you that your good fortune is too good to be true and you brace yourself for the inevitable disappointment. Now, if you’re familiar with fitness then you know it is a journey that has many highs and lows. If you’re familiar with Crossfit and have ever watched the pro competitions, you’ll understand that pursuing it would be quite an undertaking. And if you know me well, then you’d know that I constantly underestimate myself. I was equally as anxious as I was excited. Somehow, I managed to silence my crazy, and one week later I walked into the box at R8dFit.

When you’re a kid you have dreams, usually born from the things you are exposed to, the influences around you, and the interests you cultivate along the way. I am very different to most of the women in my family, and I have always had interests that were different to the people I had around me (whether family or friends) and for most of my life I’ve felt very out of place. As I grew older, I traded my dreams for reality, tried to make responsible choices (even if at times it came at the cost of what made me happy) and eventually you settle into an unhealthily comfortable place.

The past two weeks brought me completely out of my comfort zone. Not only was I going to start something new, I was starting something I had a good chance of failing miserably at in a place where I knew literally no one. Progress and growth don’t happen when things are easy though – they happen when we face challenges and 2021 has been incredibly challenging for me (lots of changes, some through very unwelcome circumstances). It would have been easy for me to let other things in my life prevent me from giving this opportunity a proper go. The first challenge was to fight my natural inclination to put everyone else first, and I’m happy to say I won that fight.

As amazing as they were, I won’t go into too much of the mechanics of the past 14 days. But these are some of the lessons that have stood out for me…

  1. People are selfish. Most people will support you as long as it benefits them, and will quit on you in a heartbeat. You have to make sure you don’t quit on yourself.
  2. There are enough hours in the day for all that is important to you. First you have to acknowledge where and what you’re wasting time on. After that, it is simply a matter of adjustment and flexibility.
  3. There are few things in life more rewarding than the learning process. TRUST the process and have fun with the mistakes (a fail is a First Attempt In Learning – no one said you’re only allowed one attempt).
  4. You are not going to excel at everything. You won’t always be the best. BUT. You have to show up and keep trying to have a shot – most times you’ll end up surprising yourself.
  5. Celebrate your wins and appreciate the applause, even if it comes from the unlikeliest audience. I felt more supported in an unfamiliar place with strangers than I did at home or at work (a huge THANK YOU to the R8dfit team for making me feel as welcome as you did. I will be back soon!)

Everything in your life happens in good and perfect timing, and the past 2 weeks came at exactly the right time in my fitness journey (and, I daresay, my life journey too). I trained with some inspiring people. I learnt so many new things (about myself too). I exceeded my own expectations. I lifted some heavy shit! And it was AMAZING.

3 thoughts on “Challenges Part 5: Crossfit

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