A is for Acknowledgement

I have to thank my amazing friend Shelley for motivating me to pick my pen up in this way again. It’s been very hard for the past few years to get my thoughts onto paper in non-poetic ways, but like any other muscle, writing is one that needs to be worked to become stronger.

A-Z Challenge 2021, here we go…

My new boss called me in to his office today, to discuss some work things bit also to give me some unexpected good news. The news itself, however, pales in comparison to three words he uttered while we were speaking… “You deserve it.”

I’ve been working at this school for 11 years and 3 months. I have made mistakes, I have had triumphs, I have learned and I have taught. I’ve experienced heights of elation and the worst kind of frustration and sadness. There have been times where I’ve wanted to walk out of the doors waving a big “F-YOU” sign.

But through all of this, one thing is certain – I have given my heart and soul to the job. When I took it, I did so with the knowledge that this profession, this line of work, would not bring me wealth or fame. I didn’t care though, because I would be helping to shape tomorrow through the children we serve. That was, and still is, more than enough.

One thing I have learnt though, and many times this lesson was learnt in painful ways, is how important acknowledgement is. Acknowledging the contributions and efforts of others, and also having your own efforts acknowledged. I’ve come to find though, that the harder you work and the better you are at what you do,  the less likely people are to acknowledge it.

Today, my whole mood shifted after that 5 minute conversation. I somehow had more patience than usual for the more challenging people in the day. I had a smile for everyone, even the ones I struggle to come right with. Acknowledgement has an immense power that renews your will and spirit to continue fighting the good fight.

Today, three words of acknowledgement meant more to me than any raise would ever mean.

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