B is for Big Bang

I can’t begin to list the amount of people who have, for years, tried to get me to watch the Big Bang Theory.

One of the biggest turnabouts in my life has been me going from bona fide couch potato as a child, to barely watching anything at all. And the overwhelming amount of viewing material these days just puts me off watching in general.

Then we went into Lockdown. And what was supposed to be only 3 weeks turned into months. A few weeks after returning to work, I tested positive for Covid, so back into Lockdown for me. It was during this time that I found myself wandering into the living room of apartment 4A for the first time…

And as predicted by so many people, I moved in and made myself right at home for twelve seasons. Not only are the episodes sweet and short, the humor is witty and there is no exasperating and unrealistic plot that went on forever. I’m actually glad I waited this long, because I don’t have to wait for more seasons or episodes. I can just switch on my Netflix and watch and re-watch my favorite episodes if and when I want to.

I even got my 76 year old mother hooked onto it, and now, even though I have since finished the series, it has become my daily ritual with her…us sitting and watching a few episodes when I come home from work in the afternoons.

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