C is for Coffee

I was never going to do this challenge and not do a post on coffee.

Coming at it from a different angle is the real challenge today.

So I’m sitting at one of my favorite coffee spots right now. Not only is the coffee here really amazing (I drink it black with no sweetener) the story behind this place is one I find inspiring. The owner is a civil engineer with a few keen interests…photography, travel and coffee, of course. When he secured his location, he basically renovated and fitted out the place himself (with the help of his father and a few others). We watched the little coffee shop take shape through the owner’s Instagram stories and posts (it almost felt like we were somehow part of that journey).

And on 29 January 2020, the doors to Against the Grain opened. Two months after that, the unimaginable happened…our country went into Lockdown, and for about 6 months he was not allowed to trade. I can’t even begin to imagine recovering from a setback like that but now his doors are still open and his business is thriving ~ a testament to hard work, patience, resourcefulness, creativity and perseverance in the face of incredible challenges.

ATG has also become my regular spot for dates with my two favorites…my baby sister and her daughter. I love these little outings we have, usually on a Sunday morning or the occasional Friday afternoon. I have a big family with many siblings. But my baby sis has become my safest place, the person with whom I can be completely myself. These dates usually give us a chance to offload and decompress when real life gets a bit too real.

My coffee dates don’t end here though. I have regular ones with my office colleagues every morning after the kids and teachers have been settled. It’s the highlight of my work day and is usually accompanied by a doughnut or two, and a whole lotta laughs.

Coffee is so much more than just a habit or addiction. It’s more than just survival juice. For me, coffee is the thread that connects my treasure trove of beautiful stories and memories.

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