D is for Drama and Deadlifts

Before I started writing this post, I asked for suggestions on a topic starting with the letter “D”. Only one person responded, and their first suggestion was “deadlifts”. Quite fitting, given their place in my life, and quite funny because it was the first word that popped into my head too. The second suggestion was “drama”. Again, fitting, as I seem to be a magnet for it.

Both words were humorously suggested, and while the two words are completely unrelated, I seem to have found a connection between them.

There have been times in my life where I’ve been blindsided by emotional shit storms. The past 9 months have been full of such moments, some of my own making but many from people and situations around me…full of drama and disappointments: I tested positive for Covid, I’ve lost 2 bosses (one to death and the other to retirement) and the changes that have occurred since then, well let’s just say it did not all go as I would have liked, I lost an aunt… All this in between the daily drama that comes with my workplace and family.

The older you get, the more dramatic life becomes. Just as you think you’re getting a handle on dealing with life, it throws you another few curve balls, so you’re constantly in a state of “what the fuck?!” The stress and worry doesn’t get any less…you just have to learn to pick your battles, somehow increase your strength and capacity to deal, and find ways to cope with it all.

I’ve tried many different ways to cope with the drama, disappointments, heartache and sadness that periodically rear their ugly heads…and found that only one thing really works for me. Nothing flushes out a shitty day like breaking a huge sweat. An endorphin release soothes raw emotions way more effectively than food.

One thing my coach likes to program in my workouts is deadlifts. A deadlift is a strength movement. You start by making sure you have a good grip on your weight and that your body is in the right position, bent over and braced… Then, straighten the knees and back to lift, hold, and then set the weight back down again. And repeat.

Now to me, this sounds very much like what a person does with worries or drama. Somehow, you’re always capable of carrying the burden…then, it’s up to you to brace yourself to deal with it, set it down when you feel your hold start to slip, reset, adjust your grip and just pick it back up again.

Writing this has made me realise that drama is very much the deadlift sets of your life. So on the days the drama feels just a little too heavy, just remember-as long as you’re still breathing and standing at the end of it all (sore but mostly uninjured) it’s only going to make you stronger.

3 thoughts on “D is for Drama and Deadlifts

  1. Just found your post through the A-Z challenge! You are so right to make the comparison between deadlifting and drama — it is so obviously true but it would have never crossed our minds. :’) I wish I had such a good coping technique as you — but unfortunately, it’s chocolate and relentless napping for me!

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  2. I had a frustrating day last week. Since I’m still working from home, I was able to stand up from my desk take about 5 steps across the room and round kick our wave master about 10 times as hard as I could while screaming at the top of my lungs. I felt so much better.

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