I is for Idiosyncrasies

Adolescence is the most terrible period of one’s life…for many reasons but for me mostly because it’s the period where the overwhelming desire to fit in makes you hide the things that make you different.

If you manage to come out of that period with most of yourself in tact, you eventually get to a place of acceptance (and if you’re lucky, celebration) of your quirks.

I’ve got some weird ones…alot of them involve numbers somehow…and the following are just a few…

#9 – I have a weird love for the number 9. When I’m driving and another car’s number plate catches my eye, I do a quick mental check to see if the number is a multiple of 9. When warming my food, I always set the microwave timer to a number that is a multiple of 9.

#handwritteneverything In the digital age of computers, tablets and cellphones, I still prefer pen and paper.

#bloomersmustfall My underwear can’t ever cover my bellybutton.

#proteinpudding I eat peanut butter straight out of the jar with a spoon.

#SpoilSport – I love spoilers. Before I start a new book, I always read the last few pages, to see how it ends. If the ending is sad, I don’t read it. The same goes for movies… I don’t watch a movie unless I know how it’s going to end.

#triplecheck most things I have to do three times to ensure accuracy (like counting money, or rinsing after brushing my teeth).

# it kills me that I can’t use an apostrophe (or any punctuation mark) in a hash tag.

The world conditions us to be very severe on ourselves for the oddities we think we may have in our character. But when you feel yourself slipping into that headspaces, just remember that it is your differences that makes you special.

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