O – One year

It’s been a little over a year since Covid made its first significant appearance here in South Africa.

No one can really prepare for any kind of disaster, but somehow we manage to navigate it. From my limited personal experience, I’ve found that it is during your hardest times that you discover unknown strength and ability, where you learn the biggest life lessons.

Strife changes you. And even though I was fortunate enough not to suffer physical hardships because of the pandemic, the experiences I’ve had since have changed me. Essentially, I am still me, but there are parts of me that are very different than they were a year ago.

Many years ago, one of my sisters said to me that you should never regret the things that happen to you, whether good or bad, easy or difficult…because it shows that you doubt the Almighty’s plan for you. Since then I’ve tried to live with this in mind.

But with some of what has transpired over the past 12 months (whether to me or to my loved ones) I’m struggling between accepting that it had to happen and wishing I could turn back the clock. If I’m completely honest, there are parts of me that sometimes feel broken beyond repair.

It’s been a struggle but I’ve been trying to take each day as it comes, deal only with the 24 hours ahead of me, and make sure that I find the silver lining, no matter how small it may be.

A year ago things were different. In a year’s time, they will be different again. And who’s to say they won’t be better than they are now. For all I know…the best is yet to come.

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