X is for 10 things about me

X is always a hard letter to write about. So I let the Math nerd in me come up with something…and here we are. X (10) odd facts about me…

1. My proudest atypical accomplishment: I did this when I was eleven years old, and till today I am super proud of it… I could fit 7 Vicks bubblegums into my mouth at once (people who are familiar with this gum will know that it’s hard to chew 3 at once… And my mouth was a lot smaller at eleven).

2. My biggest fear stems from a dream I’ve had way too many times for it to be normal… I have an irrational fear of all my teeth falling out at the same time.

3. The first job I ever wanted as a child was to be a KTv presenter.

4. My go-to comfort-binge show is the Big Bang Theory.

5. My longest celebrity crush was cricketer Shahid Afridi. I had delusions that I was going to marry him. Then I met him in person in 2004 and his arrogance and unpleasant body odour killed the attraction for me.

6. I only have my earlobes pierced and my religion forbids tattoos. However, if I could have them, I’d like a dagger on my shoulder blade, an ink pot and quill on my right wrist, and bloody vampire fangs somewhere 🤫

7. People will probably judge me for this, but you might find songs by Britney Spears on my play lists.

8. The longest travel delay I’ve ever experienced was a three hour delay in the Aircraft on Cape Town International… Followed by an unscheduled, unplanned 24 hours in Ethiopia (this was en route to London, the best international vacation I’ve ever had).

9. The only contest I’ve ever won was an Instagram competition run by R8dfit.

10. The first and only concert I attended as a teenager was a concert by Sonu Nigam. He is an Indian playback singer and at that point in my adolescence I was trying to embrace the Indian side of my heritage with vengeance (wore the clothes, was heavy into Bollywood). I did stay out till 2am…but I was with an aunt, so I don’t think it counts as rebellion.

Some of these are embarrassing as hell.. But if you’re reading it, I hope that even though some of them brought me a measure of shame, that at the very least they’ve brought you some laughs.

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