Challenges Part 6: Crossfit

It’s been a month since I officially joined R8dfit and what a ride it’s been already.

This past month has been a rollercoaster. Some weeks I felt so great and some weeks (like this week) just got me down in a big way. I’m realizing that the rollercoaster is more because of the way I’ve been dealing with things mentally than the actual training itself.

Class started off with skill work today (which I absolutely love – it’s my favourite part of any class, learning the nuances of a lift or new skill). After that, it went pretty much tits up, and I actually missed a lift and hurt myself. I’m bummed, but the injury doesn’t feel too bad right now (I still have full range of movement) and I’m hoping that it heals quickly enough over the next few days to allow me to resume with my normal training schedule next week.

I knew Crossfit was going to be the biggest physical undertaking of my life. What I didn’t realise was how big of a role my head would play. More than my physical shortcomings (which I know will improve with effort over time) the past four weeks have exposed some mental shortcomings, and forced me to face some hard truths about myself.

I won’t go into them all… It will take all night and I have work in 4 hours. But it all boils down to one thing – taking this journey in MY vehicle (no one else’s) and being okay with the speedbumps I will inevitably encounter along the way.

As difficult as it is, and as awful as I feel right now, this has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and come next Tuesday I’ll be stepping into the box again, ready to learn more things and add to my arsenal.

But first I’ll take a few days. Rest. Recover. Reset. Refocus.

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