Sweat 1000 – the R8d version

How do you cause pandemonium in the gym without actually being in the gym?

You send weird, cryptic clues in the group chat, ask people to guess the workout and watch the cray cray unfold.

That was how today started, before I even got out of bed. The one thing that was established was that we needed to complete 1000 reps of something (I seriously considered taking another rest day) and after many creative (but incorrect) guesses, we got to know what the WOD was going to be…

The objective: chase down 1000 gorilla jumps in 60 minutes. Now, most would be thinking, “WTF is a gorilla jump?” Simply, it is a lateral jump over a box, but with your hands placed on the box for support. I thought, okay, the movement isn’t complicated…but there is always a catch. Every two minutes the clock will beep… And when it does, you have to complete 30 double unders before continuing with the gorillas.

It’s my seventh consecutive week at crossfit, and every single class has hit a weakness or two of mine. Normally, this would demoralize me. My body is still getting used to the volume of training (I’m up to 4 days a week with one extra day for running) and I am still figuring out how to recover optimally. I can’t help but think that if I had come across Crossfit ten years ago, I would have given up already.

But I come home on a Tuesday and Thursday night, totally smashed from whatever madness Coach has thrown at us but totally shocked with some of the things I managed to do, and excited (and a little scared) to see what we’re going to do next.

I don’t have double unders yet, so my “break” from the gorillas was 9 wall ball shots. I knew this WOD would make my engine explode, and I knew that 1000 was a target I wouldn’t reach today. But I am all about celebrating even the smallest of wins these days, and I set 2 smaller goals for myself… Do my movements as properly as I can, and work till the very last second.

I was so “binne in” my mental calculator malfunctioned a bit on multiplication… And I actually ended up with 216 wall ball shots, and accumulated 780 gorillas.

People who know me well know that when I take on anything, I want to execute as close to perfection as I can get. For the past year or so, and more so since I ventured into the world of crossfit, the one great thing that has happened is that I have started to embrace “failure” as an important part of my fitness journey. And this mindset is slowly starting to spill over into other aspects of my life.

I didn’t manage the goal of 1000… But a cumulative total of 996 reps is not a small number either, and I pushed myself to work till the very end.

I’ll take those wins.

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