Teamwork makes the dream work

Word of the day: PARTNER

PART A – 25 minute time cap
You go, I go
30 rounds
3 deadlifts
3 burpees over the bar
20 rounds
3 squat cleans
3 burpees over the bar
10 rounds
3 clean and jerk
3 burpees over the bar

Each partner has 2min30 to establish:
~1RM jerk
~1RM front squat

I’m a numbers girl. It doesn’t matter what situation I find myself in, I will always find the Math in it and permy be crunching numbers. But today, the numbers are not what I focused on.

Yes, I took a whiteboard and kept track of our progress through the WOD, but that was more because the OCD nerd in me won’t allow me to miscalculate, and my mental calculator fails when I have to keep track of large numbers and at the same time try not to die in a workout.

I also had a partner to consider. I wanted to make sure I was not holding her back or hindering her rhythm in any way… which is basically what the workout was about: finding a rhythm that enabled you to just keep going without stopping for 25 minutes. Building endurance has been a hard struggle for me and for my partner as well. We may not have finished all of part A, but we didn’t stop until the clock beeped, and I am very pleased with our effort.

Some other random thoughts from today…

~ My first ever partner WOD had deadlifts and burpees… And so did this one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If today is any indication, I’m negotiating burpees better now than I did before 😁

~ I most enjoy the post workout feeling. Today, I actually enjoyed the workout too… Largely because of my awesome partner. She just brings the gees wherever she goes, and I need that kind of energy to keep me out of my own head.

~ S/O to Coach Amir for scaling our working bar to 20k… Last time I had to squat clean for reps, I hurt myself. Squat cleans are one of my worst movements and this morning they felt almost fluid.

~ According to my coach, I made one technically sound jerk today. I don’t even care about the weight, I was just happy to hear that the technique was good. It felt good.

~ R8dfit is full of beasts with mal krag.

Class was so lit this morning. Three months and counting…

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