Happy birthday Coach Amir

Today is Coach Amir’s birthday, and he told me to write him a story 😂 I couldn’t think of a story so I tried to write a poem…

Happy Birthday Coach! Long may you have the strength for the wonderful work that you do.

On February 15th, during midday at work,
Through the chaos in office I heard my phone chirp
“Check your DMs, you’re a winner!”
But what was the prize??
So I checked and could scarcely believe my own eyes.

A week later I pulled up in front of the Box,
So nervous I almost sweated off my socks.
I sat in the car and wondered what would unfold, then nervously dragged my feet over the threshold.

It’s been eight months since then and still I can’t help but wonder,
If I’ll ever defeat the mighty double under,
My pull-ups are non-existent, my muscle ups too,
My rope climbs need work (and I doubt it’s the shoe).

I’ve practiced my lifts, and hung from a beam,
I still wanna die when I see a squat clean,
But you’ve encouraged me, Coach, with patience and sass,
And whatever the WOD brings, I make sure to move my ass.

When I wake up to WOD on a Tuesday morn,
My body, with wrist straps and knee sleeves I adorn,
I’ll probably finish last and be flat on the floor,
But I’ll come back on Thursday, ready for more.

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