It took a while for me to be
Content with what the mirror showed me,
To see the worth of what lies within,
To sit contentedly in my skin.

My civil war, a battle hard fought,
Left me dejected and distraught,
But steadily my confidence re-emerged,
My past and present selves finally converged.

Then you came along, took one look at me,
And saw things even I did not see.
And as a bride blossoms in the eyes of her groom,
Under your admiration I started to bloom.

More importantly though, your friendship turned a key,
That unlocked hidden talents inside of me.
And I am eternally grateful to you the most,
For helping me reclaim what I thought was lost.

4 thoughts on “Innerstanding

    1. I have indeed been. And I know we’re always told that we don’t need the approval of others…but sometimes sincere admiration and appreciation from another can make you feel even more lifted and supported. Thank you, for taking the time to read and for your kind comment 🙂

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