Day 5: Food!

My tummy did a back flip when I read the theme for today’s post. ‘Cause let’s face it – food is the best thing on earth. Again, narrowing it down to 5 favourites will prove difficult, BUT, never let it be said that I backed away from a challenge!

I should probably mention that the following five are my comfort foods, my emotional panacea. In no particular order (just numbered so I don’t exceed 5)…

  1. Baskin Robbins World Class Chocolate – this has to be the most sinful thing I’ve ever eaten. Sadly, we don’t get it in RSA, but whenever I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the holy city of Mecca, I make sure to treat myself.
  2. Potatoes: mashed, cooked in food, fries, roasted – I will eat potatoes every day, in any way. And now that I’ve increased my exercise, I don’t feel guilty about the amount of potatoes I consume.
  3. Soup: hot or cold weather, it doesn’t matter. The only guilt-free thing on this list.
  4. Bread – I love any kind of freshly baked bread, pizza dough, naan bread, roti. Sadly, this one I’ve cut back on a lot, because it stays on the hips and butt.
  5. My mom’s tomato stew. She somehow always makes it on the days where work has really stressed me out (and she doesn’t see me until I get home after).

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