Sonnet 27 Reboot

This challenge terrified me. I have written poems before, but I am by no means a poet, and to come up with one in less than a day…let’s just say I was not confident in my ability.

So I took some inspiration from Shakespeare, and rebooted my favourite sonnet.

This is what I’ve come up with….

When the day is done, I climb into bed,
And contentedly sigh as the pillows touch my head.
I stare at my ceiling, but sleep doesn’t come,
For between my ears lingers a persistent hum.

I lie still under the covers, ready to drift into slumber,
But my mind refuses, ever ready to wander.
Though my limbs may have bid the night sky adieu,
My thoughts journey through the darkness to you.

The absence of light in this room can’t obscure,
A vision of the one I completely adore,
Which, like a bright star in the dead of night,
Provides a lost wanderer with a ray of light.

All day my body works hard, it’s true…
And at night, my mind works equally as hard for you.

12 thoughts on “Sonnet 27 Reboot

    1. I’m still not comfortable with poetry, but then again, I don’t think we’re meant to be. I felt quite accomplished after I wrote it, and I am elated at the amazing feedback it’s received. Thanks for reading (and liking) 🙂

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  1. Reboot has rhyme. I love poems that rhyme. You may have questioned your ability to write this poem initially, but it seems like you quickly got the hang of it. As long as it said what you wanted it to say, then you nailed it! I imagine channeling Shakespeare didn’t hurt either. Bravo!!!

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