My life in images

So, as loud as I am, the thought of posting a video terrifies me. So I’m opting for the easier alternative and posting a gallery of 25 images that represent me and aspects of my life…

Me and my best friend, Aneesa. We’re complete opposites, and on paper we don’t make sense…but my life would suck without her
Baking…one of my talents.
Children – they make up a big part of my life. Kids keep it simple. These are some of the kids at my school taking part in a hip-hop dance workshop
I know I annoy the hell out of people these days when I correct their English, but my brain is permanently wired like this now. Sorry guys.
Let’s just say people notice and comment the day I don’t decorate my eyes #ILoveEyeMakeup
family 1
My family. My life. This was taken at my sister’s wedding in 2013 (and there are some members missing from this pic)
I’m a Muslim, and proud to be. I choose to try and be the best I can be.
Honesty is more important to me than flattery.
Humour 🙂 If you can make me laugh, I’m yours
Ice cream
The one thing that can soothe any emotional turmoil – my favourite dessert, ICE CREAM!
My family, friends and colleagues will tell you that this is a perfect representation of my personality
Jane Austen
My favrourite classic author – because all of her heroines get their happy endings
Jane Eyre
My favourite classic novel and heroine – who was loved for her integrity, wit and personality, instead of her looks
Marvel movies
MARVEL Cinematic Universe
Pilates – I go once a week, and it’s had some wonderful effects #HARDCORE
Reading In Bed
Reading – This is how you’ll find me in my room
Rush hour
Rush Hour – My sister and I are HUGE fans of these movies. We can recite the entire script for each one. #WhoDiedLee?
Shoes… if I could, I would have a different pair for every day. I’m very particular about what I put on my feet
Love sports. Play a few, watch almost all.
I am a perpetual student and love learning new things
Although I work as a secretary now, I will always be a teacher. These are from when I used to teach Art.
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston. My fantasy. But who’s disappointed me with this whole Taylor Swift business #YouDeserveBetter
vampire mythology
Vampire Mythology – my favourite part of fiction
Work – my three jobs: school secretary, copy-editor/writer and part-time waitress in the family business
If you’re reading/following this blog, then I don’t need to elaborate on this image

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