K is for Keepsakes

“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve seen and the memories we’ve made along the way.”

I am a moderately sentimental person. Words and actions hold more meaning for me than things, and I’m not one to save every single thing that no longer serve a purpose (I’m definitely not Sheldon and his storage unit), but now and again I do hold onto certain things that represent memories I really do not want to forget. These are just a few…

My very first published piece was an interview I did with a local sports personality for our school magazine.

I’ve loved sports my whole life, but was never encouraged to pursue it at a competitive level. In retrospect, I think I agreed to do the article as a way to feel like I was a part of the sports community. Funnily enough, writing was not exactly my strength at school – it took me a while to write this, but I will forever remember the feeling of seeing it in print for the first time.

Greetings from London

One of the most incredible stories of my life started on Twitter. At the start of the takeover of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I fell into a fandom dedicated to Tom Hiddleston…and here I met Holly. You can only fangirl so much and eventually we discovered similar likes and interests, and slowly but surely the most unlikely friendship started to bloom. The postcard is the very first thing she has ever sent me (all the way from London on her holiday) and since then, every single year, a few days before my birthday I get a package in the post all the way from Alaska. Holly and I have yet to meet in person, but we have a plan to meet one day in London, a city we both love. We are proof though that physical distance and cultural differences don’t have to be obstacles to friendship.

Second time’s the charm

2015 was a horrible year. But looking back, it was also a year of immense personal growth and one of the things I did was get my driver’s licence. Yep, I learnt to drive at the ripe old age of 32. I failed my first test (as I said, horrible year and that week I was having major domestic drama) and had the misfortune of getting the worst person at the traffic department to conduct my test. Second time round though, I got the sweetest gentleman. He made a concerted effort to put me at ease, spoke of his wife and children the whole time, and even said a little prayer for my success before we started. Second time’s the charm, and after we had finished, he gave me a copy of my score sheet to keep.

In 2017 my father gifted my sister and I with a two week holiday in London. Even now, four years later, it remains the best holiday I have ever had…and not because of all we got to see and do while we were there. This trip represents two things for me: the proverbial severing of the umbilical cord (it was my first trip ever without either or both of my parents) and the start of me doing things that scare me (by the third day, I was navigating London on my own with my trusty Tube map – I didn’t get lost once).

Black Tie and Sneakers

Apart from training, my other coping mechanism for life is Comedy. I am a huge supporter of the Cape Town Comedy scene, and in my spare time, I enjoy organizing comedy gigs, usually attached to some charitable initiative I am trying to support. The very first gig I organised was a fundraiser for my school in the form of a high tea. Despite the catastrophic start to this day, we managed to pull off a surprisingly good event, and all who attended left the venue smiling. The theme was “Black Tie and Sneakers”…I decided I wanted a gold tie 😁

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